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Who: PE class
What: It's time for a physical evaluation... with a twist
Where: Stadium B
When: Thursday
Warnings: R for RAID

When the PE class filed in for the day, Jolt stood at the ready, remote control in hand. He had a big grin on his face, like he knew something his students didn't, and was excited by the thought of how they'd react.

"Welcome to class!" Jolt said eagerly. "Hope you're all rested and ready to go, because we're doing physical evaluations!" He waited a moment for any groans to subside, and continued, "But I figure let's have a little fun with this! Since you're all here to become battlers, I thought you might enjoy a little sparring!"

He turned and pressed a button on the remote. "But not against each other, that'd be too easy. Nope... You're gonna be fighting THIS."

The stadium's holographic projectors sprang to life. And before the group materalized... a giant Pikachu.

"I've been programming this guy since last night," Jolt explained. "What we have here is a raid battle! All of you, versus my big friend here!"

"PIKA PIIIII!" boomed the giant Pikachu.

"Trainers, you're all going to have to coordinate if you want to take this guy down. Pokemon, careful you don't step on each other's toes here. You're gonna need teamwork if you're going to win! Don't worry, you won't be hurt, and I'm not grading whether you win or lose. This is to evaluate your skills and abilities, see where you could stand to improve, and what your strengths are. You've got 10 minutes to plan and prepare, and then the battle begins!"

((OOC: This battle will not use the d20 system to determine win or loss, since this battle's outcome does not need to be determined. Just play it out and have fun!))

[Text to Johanna]

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Hey, are you busy? :)
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Who: Flannery and YOU
What: Sex Ed class
Where: Sex Ed room
When: Tuesday, July 18th
Warnings: N for No actual sex this time, just social constructs

Flannery stood in front of the class with a small stack of paper. On each one was a small survey that read simply:

"I believe the sexiest person in the class is


I believe the most unappealing person in the class is


She placed a handful of pages on the desk of each student in the front row to students behind them.

"Okay, everybody. We're gonna have a little bit of fun. Answer this question and pass it up to the front when you're done. DON'T write your name on it. We're gonna discuss the results when everybody's handed theirs in."

Texts to Mikyuto [Hackable]

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> Hello, my name is Siren. Sorry to bother you. I got your number from Delta Stream Academy administration. I believe I'm in your Physics class.

I saw your videos. They're very entertaining! I'd like to meet with you and talk with you about them if that's okay.

> Is that okay?
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Who: Mawrow and everyone at the Academy

What: Cafe, Lounge and Bar log at DSA!

Where: See above!

When: Month of July

Warnings: You know you!

Marow was always on top of making sure that her peers and her students were well taken care of and she made sure that they were always fed and in good spirits if she could so help it! That's generally why she always tried to support and be where they usually gathered, either helping keeping them fed, bringing bright smiles, laughs and snacks when not in the cafe, or just enjoying a good time amongst friends and family at a more laid back ambient.

The most common of which are the Cafe where she makes sure to serve the best of the best to her students and peers. Using the amazing ingredients provided by the Academy, she gives them full meals through the day and her Cafe also acts as a support room for those seeking a bit more affection and understanding from the Marowak.

Secondly, the Teacher's Lounge was a bustling social gathering where everyone could partake in snacks, beverages and talking about the days in and days out of work and life. She usually bakes and cooks snacks to bring into the lounge for everyone; from cookies, pastries and donuts, to appetizers and special drinks every now and then.

Thirdly, what would be a good finish to the day if not in a fun bar amongst friends? But you know... sometimes bar food can be uh, expensive or not up to standards but her free spirit fixes that whenever she ventures into the bar and helps out around the kitchen every now and then while she enjoys time with friends and some nice fun drinks.

[[OOC! Open post for Mawrow in each location and also free open mingles for everyone! Make sure to let me know in the subject line if the post is intended for Mawrow or open! Have fun everyone!]]

Arc Attack! (Physics Class)

Jul. 11th, 2017 09:59 pm
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Who: Gordon, his physics class, anyone who wants to observe
What: Physics class!
Where: The... arena?
When: The evening of his class.

The students would probably be puzzled to receive a message the day before their next physics class. Greetings. The next physics class will be held in the stadium at the usual time. Please keep metal jewelry to a minimum during this particular class.

Has he become a werewolf? Not exactly. Students who arrive at the stadium will find a square metal cage centered in the metal-type battle arena, set in the riveted metal floors alongside a large tesla coil. Inside the cage is a simple control panel, but nothing is powered yet. Gordon stands just outside the door to the cage.

"Electricity and magnetism. The simple motion of an electron from a point of negative charge to positive charge, and yet without it we would still literally be in the dark ages. What you see here is a high-voltage, low-current, resonant transformer. At the push of a button it can produce an incredible amount of voltage, which arcs into the metal around it like lightning. Each of you will get a couple of minutes in the faraday cage, able to control the machine. Obviously if you're out of the cage, I expect you all to stay away from the coil... unless you're a ground-type pokemon, I suppose. Even then, I wouldn't chance it. You might wind up with part of yourself fused from the heat."
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soooo πŸ€”πŸ€” who do u think πŸ€” is a better πŸ’― challenge πŸ† 4 me n my team❓❓ brock πŸŒ• or blaine πŸ”₯ ❓❓❓ we're all bugs here πŸ¦‹πŸ›πŸžπŸ’•πŸ’• well im not πŸ˜› but u kno wat i mean lol

i mean we r already champions πŸ†πŸ†πŸ’–β—οΈβ—οΈβ—οΈ but we always wanna get πŸ…±οΈetter πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ u kno❓

❀️, 🌹-πŸ…°οΈ
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