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[The feed turns on to a very relaxed Wooper! She tilts her head as a way of waving to the network.]

Hey, guyyyyys. I arrived here a few days ago, but I might as well make a little post on the net. M'name's Sesame Seed, call me Sesame for short. Kinda got thrown in here by my parents, but whatever, it's cool. This school's cool as far as I can tell. So, by process, you all should be pretty cool too.

So, introductions, right? Should I break the ice by asking some kinda question for everybody? Okay.

What's your favorite food? Mine's Pecha berries. Sweet and delicious. Looking forward to hearing your answers.
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Who: Coach Jolt and YOU
What: JOHN MADDEN JOHN MADDEN (aka football and cheerleading)
Where: Stadium A
When: Wednesday, May 24
Warnings: P for PEP and PUMMELING

Delta Stream Academy may have had a combat-heavy curriculum, but it was still college. And there was an essential part of the college experience that was still observed, even now: FOOTBALL. All three academies had various sports teams, and fielded them against other schools in different regions. It wasn't as big a deal as battling was, of course, but it was still a great way to get out on the field and hustle!

And what college sports program was complete without cheerleaders? Well, the cheerleaders had even more responsibilities! Since pokemon battling was considered a part of the sports program, the cheerleaders also got the chance to perform at battles as well! What event couldn't be made more exciting with an injection of raw spirit and enthusiasm?

And organizing the first meetings of the two groups was Jolt, one of the resident core PE teachers. He loved competition, and he loved getting fired up and energized. Who better to organize the proceedings?

"All right, good to see you all!" Jolt announced to the assembly of students. "Let's get right to the chase. I'm glad you're all here, and I hope you brought your A games with you, because it's time to see what you're made of! Football players, that way," he said, pointing towards a basket of balls. "Start your warmups, and get practicing. I wanna see you passing and running to see what we've got to work with. Cheerleaders, head over that way," he said, pointing to some mats laid out on the field. "Start warming up, and then I want to see some basic moves. You're going to have to elect a captain before the end of the day."

He clapped his hands. "Now get going!"

001 [threat level - none]

May. 22nd, 2017 12:11 am
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Welcome, new students, to Delta Stream Academy. I guess. This is the security account.

I'll be concise: I am not interested in any of your shit being closely involved or at all with your daily lives. In fact, the less you see of me, the better for all of us. Do, however, ugh feel free to report to me any suspicious activity, be it human, Pokemon or otherwise.

This is also a reminder to take all your fights to the stadium. You'll be paying for any property outside of it damaged in a battle. You don't want to do that.

Don't talk to me unless absolutely necessary. Do your best, students to stay out of my way.

- Delta Stream Security



Physics class

May. 19th, 2017 10:30 am
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Who: Gordon Freeman and you.
What: Physics class
Where: The science classroom and lab
When: First week of school
Warnings: Calculus. Also firearms.

"Okay people. I'm Dr. Gordon Freeman, and this is physics class. Physics is the study of how the world works. It's applying the scientific method to phenomena around us, to understand and harness those phenomena for the greater good of human and pokemon alike."

The bearded, bespectacled teacher shuffles his papers, as his TA--a magneton, silent and in pokemon form--buzzes slowly around the room and zaps a contact terminal for the PC in the corner with some querying arcs of static. The whiteboard-painted wall is sparse in any lettering, save for words like OPTICS and ELECTRODYNAMICS in big red letters with little doodles next to them. An eyeball. A magnet. A mushroom cloud.

"Physics may seem daunting, but it's essential. Without it we wouldn't have quantum computers; the only systems powerful enough to handle the immense amounts of data processed by pokemon healing systems and storage boxes. We wouldn't have holograms, shuttles or cars. We wouldn't have the principles of chemistry necessary to create potions and ethers. And we sure as hell wouldn't be comfortably seated in a classroom, suspended several hundred feet in the air on an artificial landmass that weighs several kilotons.

"I won't ask you to recreate any of these things in my class... not unless you want to. What I WILL ask is that you pay attention, use the ideas that are shown to you to create hypotheses, test those hypotheses, and change them if the results aren't what you expected. In the end, that's all science actually is. We only use lasers if we have to, things hardly ever collapse or explode, and monsters from another dimension? They simply don't exist. Now then, let's get started."

Sex Ed class, round 1: Introduction

May. 18th, 2017 10:23 pm
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Who: Flannery and YOU. ...If you're old enough, are taking the class, and have your "parents' permission."
What: First Sex Ed class of the year.
Where: Oh, you know... that classroom where Sex Ed is held. *cough* You know the one.
When: May 23rd (first week of school)
Warnings: T/M. It's Sex Ed, so edging towards NSFW sexy tiems wordage.


Flannery was eager to start her classes for the year. It was rough sitting in the faculty dorms. Her neighbors were nice and all, but she wanted to get to the nitty gritty, the reason she came there in the first place: MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN KIDS' LIVES. Everyone else had battling and the basics like Math and English covered. She wanted to make sure her students knew the actual facts about sex and anatomy before they could botch it up or be told all that "abstinence" nonsense.

As each of her students walked in the room, she handed out a pamphlet with the class itinerary attached to a nice printed picture of a uterus and a penis. She'd been told her students might have a problem with naked bodies. Well, that's why she made it the second page and not the first!

"Hi, class!" she greeted the group with a large wave of her hand. "I'm Flannery, your Sexual Education teacher for the semester! Don't call me 'Miss' or 'Ms.' or any of that garbage. I'm one of you, except I know things you're gonna learn! Yes, some of you may have noticed there are nudie pictures on the second page. Finish your giggling so we can get started!"
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What: You've been admitted to Delta Stream Academy! It's time for Frosh Week!
Where: All around the Academy
When: May 15 - May 21
Warnings: YOU KNOW YOU

Seatbelts everyone! )
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